Sunday, March 18, 2007


Before getting caught up with St. Patrick's Day or the NCAA Tournament, I took a couple of hours yesterday afternoon to sketch in San Francisco between the Embarcadero and Union Square. Always such an entertaining variety of characters in this city when you stop to look, half-drunk on this particular day... Here are some examples to share, along with an older sketch from December which I thought was a successful caricature. All are done with ballpoint pen, which I'm getting the hang of but may be moving away from on my next outing since it tends to keep me slow and careful.


Jake said...

Hola...interesante tu blog.
: )
es bello el diseño y la composición
de los dibujos es muy buena!

te espero por el mío.

AB said...

Hey Ian - big fan of H&M lady with ubersized sunglasses... she's got that "I'm posh and angry because that cab just flew right past me, and now I'm going to be late for my pedicure, but I'm so posh" look. Great motion, particularly the energy in her feet.