Monday, March 26, 2007

Gesture Drawing

(from last Tuesday)


Tom Dougherty said...

Augh! Those are just beautiful.

Ian said...

Thanks Tom - nice Public Works Dept page yourself!

Michael said...

Lookin good! The first one is great, I like how you pushed the gesture, and how I can feel the thrust of the hips really pulling forward, and the shoulders countering it.

Also, this isn't neccessarily better, but perhaps just an idea to play with or think about. I moved the left hip a little lower, trying to add some rotation in the hips and putting more weight on the right hip. I also lowered and moved back the left foot/leg, showing that the feet are clearly on different planes.

It might push the gesture a little more for a stronger pose, but I could also be wrong. I'm not really sure, haha, but just thought I'd mention it.

Here's what I mean:

(They're actually really similar, and not sure if it's even noticeable...oh well)

Ian said...

Thanks for your critique, Michael. I think you're absolutely right that the first drawing could have benefited from a greater sense of 3D space by distinguishing the planes of the feet. When I was getting it down, I was also bothered by how the arms kind of became "twins" instead of both contributing to the gesture.