Sunday, October 26, 2008


Great weather for an afternoon of sketching with Germans in the Mission... wish it was an easier option for me to live near Dolores Park!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Another couple of months go by, and look at that: I've gone ahead and smashed up another pinky! For those counting since college, that's three of my four, leaving only one pinky toe unharmed... no surprise I swiftly opted out of an open-bottom shark cage dive, huh?

Fortunately, this being my left hand it's easy to find a bright side to the recovery time. While I'm coming to terms with ending my pro football and basketball aspirations in favor of less self-destructive outlets for a 5'8" guy, it's also been a chance for me to reflect on what's important and consider putting a little more time into areas where I seem to have room to grow, like writing and drawing. Here are some samples from a recent sketchbook session, elaborating on some scribbles from past gesture classes: