Monday, March 05, 2007

Break's Over

Conditions were looking great on the road up to Tahoe last Wednesday afternoon, and I had a marathon snowboarding session at Northstar on Thursday before crashing back to Earth with a cold that broke up my riding through the weekend. Being inside isn't so bad when you can count on James to forward along gems of the internets!

Had a chance to read I Am Charlotte Simmons by Tom Wolfe (of Bonfire of the Vanities fame) during my time off. While not an uplifting story, the book did offer a sharp, critical perspective on the cultural climate of university undergraduates today. Wolfe seemed a little obsessed with the habitual overuse of the word "fuck" in contemporary student vernacular, but there is truth to his suggestion that the country's most prestigious universities have developed a darker side as consequence-free playgrounds for rich kids (the Greek party lifestyle) and athletes (protected by "the program") who take little to no interest in their schools' academic ideals. The realization that this co-existence is a very recent development makes you wonder where that momentum will end...


Expect more drawing-heavy posts in the next few weeks; After taking time off to reset, I'm hoping to build up some momentum for a productive Sketchcrawl on the 17th.


Marcos Gp said...

I just discovered your blog and I did see your drawings.

I would love to see more gestures...

Great Stuff! Thanks to share :)

Ian said...

Hey Marcos -
Thanks for visiting. I just posted gesture drawings from this afternoon and hope to do a lot more this month.

Nice drawings on your site!