Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Gesture Drawing

Man, I can't believe someone else out there was using the same blog name... all seven seconds of word-mashing cleverness rendered useless! So bummed.... so tired is the term that some geeky sort even attempted to define the term "bloggadocio" with a note of actual seriousness, though I myself intended only a nod to the great MC Frontalot. That said, I'm trying out a new title: Prepare for "Ludicrous Speed"!

... aaaaand here are some drawings. Think I need to just throw away the details of what I'm seeing, keeping only the pose and drawing whatever character I comes to mind in these sessions. It throws me off to fumble for a different theme per pose, but maybe if I decide the model looks kinda like a waitress, gangster, spartan, etc....

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