Thursday, February 14, 2008


Just drew this play on Jack Black while watching "School of Rock", thought it was a promising lead:

... and I got out for a couple of hours last Sunday to do some sketching around the Embarcadero:

Drawing Sessions

One of the tougher things about sticking to a plan of learning to draw from model sessions is how the poses and models tend to fall into repetitive patterns or otherwise grow tired - especially on an uninstructed, prop-free and open Wednesday life drawing session, where things are a little more restricted than in a relatively fast-paced Gesture session. To have some fun with an old game, I've decided to start working on characters, using the model only for pose inspiration. Here's a caricatured IT guy loosely based on someone from my past:

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Drawing Sessions

Made it to Wednesday but not Tuesday this week, felt surprisingly loose considering how I've been getting limited practice at home lately.

Question of the day: How is it that cell phone providers like Verizon can get away with charging so much for batteries? The Verizon store wanted to give me a "deal" by "giving" me 25% off their regular price for a phone battery... which was $40! 5 minutes on Amazon, and I found a well-rated replacement for just $7 + shipping. Accessories must be to Cell phone providers what cables are for Best Buy.

Obama 2008!