Monday, January 08, 2007

I remember the last time I animated...

There is a point to all this, you know. The Alchemist struck a chord with me because it seemed a near anthem to my resolution for the new year: In the weeks and months ahead, I'm hoping to give my creative side some much-needed new purpose and drive. With any luck, you'll enjoy watching... or at least provide some pressure if I try to put things off any more.

An interest in caricatured animation started me off on my way to California, but I'm really just an 'armchair animator' at this point when it comes to the art: curiosity and opinions, but not as much substance as I'd like. I'm looking to join an existing, solid animation web competition to get things rolling; unfortunately the one I knew (10secondclub) seems to have shut down, so I'd very much appreciate alternatives if you happen to have them! (free character rigs, too!)

In the meantime, I'll be continue to learn where I can from a trickle of animation fix assignments for the sim team at work, dust the cobwebs off an old maya rig, and trust that I'll be able to take things up a notch from previous test attempts:

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