Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I seem to be developing a nasty habit of injuring my right hand while playing basketball. Frustrating thing: Every time I feel at the verge of improving my game, I sprain an ankle, contort a pinkie, smash a few ribs, scratch an eye... hmmmmm, I wonder if I should consider... nah... Anyway, the real downer this time around is that the recovery is going to keep me from drawing for a while. Tried shooting lefty in today's gesture session, but it was too awkward to be useful or interesting. Damn you, Phoenix Suns: Why can't you just suck and let me get excited about some other sport?

Nevertheless, I intend to go out on some good news today: Rage Against the Machine will be headlining this year's Coachella!


Rosie said...

Aaw man that sucks Ian! What exactly happened? I wanna say it looks like a fractured wrist, but the x-ray looks more severe. I hope you recover swiftly!

Also, Rage coming to Coachella? That's really cool! I was really bummed that I didn't go to the last one b/c I like Tool... but my friends who went (and supposedly love Tool) didn't care for their performance so much. Said they catered to the crowd (which was filled w/ a lot of testosteroned-out idiots) too much.

Anyways, thanks so much for the comment on my blog! Now that you've posted lotsa fun drawings on yours, I think I'm gonna have a little comment raid very soon! Wheeeeeee!

(btw, Mark Andrews is coming to one of my classes tomorrow to give a presentation on story artin', so I'm really excited about that!)

Ian said...

haha - Nah, it's not that bad: no breaks, just bruises. The X-ray is a side view of my 'lucky' pinky, which has some swelling.

Tool was ok at last year's Coachella, but the best act was unquestionably - and I know you'll think I'm weird, but it's true - Madonna in a Dance Tent. She's hip, she's cool, she's 47! Her Aura sits right alongside Radiohead (Cal) and NIN (Shoreline) among my favorite shows of 2006.

Mark will be so much fun! Hope he pitches a board to you all; watch and learn from the very best...

shelby said...

Ian!!! Bummer about your hand. I'm so sorry to hear it. I think you should hang out with me more because I seem to intercept these tragedies...you need me!