Thursday, February 01, 2007

Animation Show Highlights

James and I stopped by the Animation Show when it came through Berkeley last Sunday. A couple of our favorites were on YouTube:


Jake said...

Sweet--Rosie, Danielle and I were able to make the SF showing. We were all pretty nuts about Acker's 9. I didn't know that it's been out for well over a year though!

Did you like 'everything's gonna be ok'? I love what an effective narrative he sustained with such little (or simple) animation. Like (Bill?) on the bus. Just looking around with the rain pouring down the windows for over 3 minutes.

Well hey, it was great meeting you at the zoo last sketchcrawl! Hopefully I'll see you again. =) Take care

Ian said...

Yeah, the Don Hertzfeld piece was great, too... Ever since I fell out of my chair watching "Billy's Balloon" at Spike & Mike a few years ago I've been so impressed by the level storytelling, comedy and now even emotion he can accomplish with the simplest characters imaginable.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone are owed a nod by the same respect: South Park has been able to evolve into a political commentary because they're able to turn around episodes in a week! Fun to wonder how the aesthetics of this sort of simple production have so much room to branch out as the market for quick, pocketable entertainment grows...

See you at the next sketchcrawl, man.