Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Summer Dabbles

Few posts but lots of projects have happened this summer! Current one is just starting; I'm attempting to build my first character for a game engine.  Working from some loose exploratory sketches from a friend's passion project, I'm trying to better define a process of exploring loose concept sketches to find the character in ZBrush. This is the "second showing" which would be about Wednesday morning if this were a full-time project. Lots to do here and more to come!

A few weeks ago I completed that long-running 3D printing project!  After many stop-and-go cases including one that involved 4 stitches to my left hand, and I had 2 full ZBrush designs (one fully original design, the other inspired by a friend's loose sketch) and my own working, 3d-printed toy! Goal was to create some chars that would fit into an existing world of designs from work, then use those to learn the ins and outs of desktop FDM printers. Since that world isn't pubic yet, I'll hold off on sharing the results here for now.

I also took an "Intro to Watercolor" class, which was a fun change of pace since I'm not much of a painter. This also marked the death of my 14-year-old scanner (sorry for the blurriness). It's been a journey, Epson 640u.

Finally, I took a Robotics class with the genius mad scientist behind EastBay RC !  Had to miss a couple of classes so my 3d-printed robot isn't able to do a ton outside of driving two motors given commands until its treads fall off, but I did learn soldering and basic arduino stuff, which was super cool.


john steplowski said...

Good Show!

Dianne Camillone said...

21Nice work - loved the subtle watercolor work!
nice PINK treads on your robot too!