Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Realms Unreel: Early Sketches

Kicking off the Kickstarter!  Audrey and I have started drafting out some designs for the characters you'll see in the Illustrated version of Realms Unreel.  In the coming month, these designs will be refined and I'll be exploring the potential of using ZBrush to achieve a unique look.

For now, enjoy some early sketches!  All of these drawings, mostly ballpoint pen, are going to evolve quite a bit before we commit to building the final illustrations.  Audrey and I are getting into the habit of checking in and sharing reference and sketches to start the conversation as to how the Realms Unreel characters and world will take shape.  Thanks again to our supporters; I'm looking forward to bringing you a lot of cool imagery this year as we get to know Dulai and near future Silicon Valley!

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