Friday, September 09, 2011

Quick Work & Life Update

Haven't really posted what I've been up to at work in a while and I've noticed some confusion among my eight readers, so to clarify:

Way back before the Australia trip I was one of the first modelers to come onto Toy Story 3, where I headed up a lot of human rig development, as well as primary ownership of the models Andy and Andy's Mom.

After returning from Australia I tried a new role as Character Rig Lead on Cars 2.  It was fun helping guide the team through doing such amazing work designing & modeling beautiful cars for the film, and I was fortunate enough to have done the primary modeling & development articulation for Francesco Bernoulli myself.

Since then, I've taken a huge trip to Spain & Italy, which was particularly enlightening as an opportunity to be introduced to the incredible sculpting work of Bernini.  At work I did a very brief stint on Brave and I've now settled into an unnamed future project while starting to dig into newer 3D sculpting software like ZBrush.  I've also been starting a new early wake-up sketching/creative hour routine, so I'll surely post some results from both those endeavors here in the coming months.

Hope that helps catch up all of you distant relatives & friends!


Mohammad.Modarres said...

that's great piece of work,and really love to see how you come up with zbrush,

Ian said...

Thanks mohammad - looks like you have been getting pretty handy with Z yourself - good stuff! So far I've found zbrush to be the most fun I've had in modeling in years... Can't wait to try claytime...