Sunday, January 06, 2008

Google Reader & Homepage

This might not be news to everyone, but just a quick shout out for everyone else: I've only recently been able to sit down and fully explore the cool new Google Web apps available, and I have to recommend that you Google users out there at home give Reader and Homepage a spin (available through the menus at the top of Gmail and Google search). As a pair these have largely streamlined my daily web browsing: I get RSS summaries of all the websites, blogs, and columns I read as they're updated, and my homepage lists my email, chat, weather, stocks, and news. The new and evolving Reader sharing feature, by which you can see your friends' favorite articles and web findings, is a lot more fun than - so get on there, Google friends! You can also see my shared items to the right on this blog if you use a different reader.

Only downside is that I've already subscribed to too many things! That, and the fact that Google now knows far too much about me and could probably replace me entirely by 2021 when it releases "Google Replicant".

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