Saturday, September 08, 2007

Drawing Inspiration

As I've been re-learning how to draw over the past two years, moving from a more clean, precise architectural approach to something more organic and gestural, I've hit a point where I need to figure out exactly where I want to go with it all. Aside from knowing that I need to draw more, I'm really not sure... so I'm going to start collecting inspiration on this blog as I come across it, and see where it leads.

I know next to nothing about painting in photoshop. Traditional painting was never that appealing to me, since it seemed to clash with my more obsessive-compuslive habits. Seeing artists using photoshop at work, however, certainly has me curious about its versatility... even if I just try to apply something much simpler and cartoony to my own drawings.

Here's a video from MAD Magazine artist Tom Richmond where he describes his painting technique as part of a series on digital coloring:

Though the subject matter of a bikini octopus woman might seem a little juvenile to some, here's a pretty cool time-lapse video of a surprisingly simple photoshop painting technique:

Amazing that people are out there sharing stuff like this!

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crylic said...

Great to see you back on the blog train, can't wait for some arts.