Saturday, April 07, 2007

Dave Chappelle @ Cobb's

Friday morning held a surprise twist when Jason sent out word of tickets going on sale for an unannounced Chappelle stand-up show in San Francisco the same night. Evidently his word branched out so quickly that it reached about 30 people we knew before the club sold out, leading to a somewhat awkward waiting line-packing scene which I still feel a bit guilty over. Fortunately, everything kind of worked itself out and we all got great seats.

Chappelle put on a pretty good show; it didn't really compare to the DVD release from the Fillmore a few years back, but the guy was on stage for over two hours! A lanky, gawkish sort of dude in person, he went through about 45 minutes worth of hatin' material to start, shared a phone call from some rapper named Qui-gon (or something like that ;), and then let the audience shout out topics for comment until the coffee and cigarettes could no longer keep him going. There was still a lot of vocalized bitterness towards Comedy Central, but as long as Chappelle can keep filling comedy clubs at $50/person, he doesn't seem inclined to do much else.

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