Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Custodian

Looking forward to a great Thanksgiving weekend here in the Bay Area, I'm reminded that I will unfortunately miss my 10-year high school re-union in New York. As a retrospective in my absence, here's an uncensored version of the DFHS-Academy Award-winning short film Nisheet and I put together as a nod to our graduation-bound class (and, secretly, the great Steven Segal). For all the embarrassment, it was worth taking the role of goofy sidekick for this one... ok, maybe I was that goofy in high school. Golly Gompers!

Reflecting on this barely pre-Columbine, pre-digital video (note classy dual-VCR edits), completely adolescent high school film, it occurred to me that the generation of kids graduating high school today, despite their far more advanced diversions and life-long exposure to Computer Animation, must be remarkably softer in character as a result of all the overprotective measures put up over the last 10 years... Just think, those entering college today may have their smooth facebook instead of our ghetto-code ICQ, but as children they never had waterguns that were actively marketed for their likeness to the real thing, did they? No overprotective relegation to orange water gun barrel tips to cloud our violent imaginations, we are one bad-ass class, '97.